How do I start racing?

1. Go Racing Pack

Apply for the mandatory Go Racing Pack from the MSA. 

2. Get a medical

Have a medical examination at GP surgery

3. Book your ARDS

Find a suitable venue to book you ARDS test. Theory & practical.

4. Prepare your race car

Prepare your race car in accordance with the MSA Blue book

5. Book a Test Day

Book a test day to shake down your race car and get familiar with the track environment

6. Register with 750MC

Join your club and register for the series

6 steps to your racing debut 

When you're ready to join us on track there are six steps that you'll need to follow (left). However, we've all been beginners with plenty of questions, so if that's you, please get in touch. You'll find people on hand to help with anything from sourcing what you need to any technical questions you might have.


Contact us and let us know how we can help.  

What racing kit do you need?

  • Helmet

  • Race Suit

  • Race boots & gloves

  • HANS (dependent on car period)

  • Fire proof underwear (optional)

  • Fire proof socks (optional)

Check out the 750MC membership area, as the 750MC negotiate discounts with various motorsport suppliers.

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