Race car gallery

Past & present cars which have a history of competing in Historic 750 Formula, or raced with us in one of our previous guises as 750 Trophy or 750 Triple Challenge. Would you like to add your car to the gallery? Or do you have some history or an interesting article about one of our cars? 

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The DNC Mk3 built by David Newman (Camshafts). This DNC was owned by Rodney Cummings who Hill Climbed the car and then stored it for 15 years until 2007. Gregan Thruston found it on eBay in 2007 and restored it. Since undergoing other colour changes. It runs a Reliant 850cc engine (originally a dry sump), Triumph Herald front uprights, drums all around. Originally built on 10" wheels, now converted to 13"s. The original roll hoop was given the chop to apply with modern ROPS regs.