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Historic 750 Formula Motorsport

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Historic 750 Formula has a rich racing history, stemming back to 1949 and is the home of Austin 7 racing. We embrace a range of historic racing cars, seen over the decades in the world's longest continually running club Formula - the 750 Formula. This includes an eclectic mix from the 'first car of the people' the humble Austin 7 to the pre-1974 750 Formula cars. Others include the iconic Lotus 6 and historic F3 500s. The series attracts drivers from across the UK and Europe including Ireland, France, Spain and Switzerland. Find out why!

​The 750 Motor Club has been the birthplace of many motorsport legends, including drivers, engineers and car builders. Names such as Arthur Mallock, Colin Chapman, Eric Broadley, Mike Costin and Gordon Murray are all associated with the 750MC and Historic 750 Formula series. The club holds an iconic place in motorsport, particularly for those interested in Austin 7 racing.

​We hope this website will give an insight into the series' rich history, the variety of cars we drive and a feel for what it would be like to race with us. Historic 750 Formula aims to combine competitive racing with a family friendly atmosphere and great camaraderie. Come and join us in the paddock sometime soon.


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