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Austin 7 Ignition Set Up

Austin 7 expert Terry Griffin shares his tips for a reliable ignition set up.

"For a totally reliable condenser on any points distributor use a Swiftune competition condenser. The Bosch 009 distributors he sources from Vewee parts. If you prefer a Lucas distributor Accuspark 23D (used on Mini Cooper/ Ford Twincam) are OK, used with a reversed dynamo housing on a A7"

Terry kindly share some examples of successful set ups below.

NB Neither Terry or 750MC accept any responsibility for the guidance given, the articles are purely for your enjoyment,.

Bosch distributor
Bosch Distributor Part 2
Bosch Rotor arms
3 rotor arm finished
condenser connection to coil
condenser connection to dist
Distributor drive my car
Distributor 23D  Charlie PJ
Distributor 23D and coil Colin
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