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How much does a historic race car cost?

This is ultimately a very good question, without a definitive answer. It really depends on how much you want to spend, and how good your engineering skills are. Many of us mechanic our own car, some drivers race a car they built and others prefer to 

pay for someone to look after their car. Put it like this, it's possible to compete in all the races, feed the children and still pay the mortgage.

How much is a racing Austin 7? (Class A & AS)

If you want to race a real historic racing car, an Austin 7 is just the thing.

Class A & AS (Austin 7s): Austin 7 projects can be sourced for

upwards of £6,000 - requiring substantial work. A race ready

car can fetch £14,000 upwards. Whilst something with a bit

more history could fetch £18,000 upwards. 

Race engine: It can vary significantly depending on whether

you build your own or want a professionally built one. How

good are your mechanical skills?


Tyres: Austin 7s (running in Class A) can run a range of road

tyres from the MSA Blue Book list 2A, plus others defined in the

750MC regulations.

How much is a H750F Formula car ? (Class C)

The most cost effective route to race with H750F is to run a

Reliant 850cc engine in an Historic 750 Formula car.

Class C (Pre-74 Formula cars): Projects start around

£3,000, a runner needing some TLC around £4,500.

Race ready cars £6,000 - £9,000.

New Class C cars: are available through Racekits. You can

get your hands on a 'kit' of parts to build your own Merlin,

or Martin and Andy may have time to build one for you.

Engines: With engines being relatively standard, other than

a control camshaft, many drivers build their own competitive

engines. You can build your own Reliant 850cc race engine

for around £500 - £600.

Gearbox: If you are lucky you may find a straight cut gearbox, but many run a standard Reliant box.

Tyres: Dunlop CR65 are mandatory. Most of us will run a set of tyres for 2 seasons of racing, may be 3.

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