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Austin 7 Racing

The Historic 750 Formula is not only the friendliest and most cost effective route into historic racing but also we celebrate the amazing history of the little car that gave our Club its name. What a fantastic place to start racing.


Who would have thought that a tiny car designed to “put the man in the street on the road for £100” in the 1920s would go on to play a vital role in helping put Lewis Hamilton where he is today?

Historic 750 Formula is arguably the Birth Place of Britain's Formula 1 dominance and the home of Austin 7 racing.  The little car has been racing in 750 Motor Club for no less than 70 years and its DNA is weaved into the History of the Historic 750 Formula.  

Woodcote, Silverstone 1962.jpg

Today an array of Austin 7 Specials exist and continue to compete. Supercharged, un-supercharged, traditional Ulster, road-going cars, single seater and post-war cars all take to the track and tussle for winners honours. Whether your car has independent front suspension, an electronic water pump or radial tyres, you can come and join us. 2 classes exist (for supercharged and un-supercharged cars), to ensure everyone has chance of taking home a pot.  If you’ve got an Austin 7, you’re sure to be able to race in it in Historic 750 Formula.

Fantastic grids of over 20 cars go wheel to wheel to battle it out over 12 races (6 weekends). The raw freedom offered by Austin 7 racing, is like no other. Where else can you enjoy such a piece of motorsport history whilst competing across some of the UKs best race tracks.

 A traditional season will be 10 scratch and 2 standing start handicap races. The weekend will be filled with humour, adrenaline and excitement. For many of our drivers Historic 750 Formula was their first experience on a race track and to take the words of one of our newsest drivers, Linda Price "simply exhilarating." From finding the right car to navigating your way through the ARDS and that unnerving first car scrutineering session, we're on hand to help. 

Many father's and son's/daughters enjoy a bit of family competition, Thruston, Slatter, Myall... to name a few who go wheel to wheel with their children. 

H750F Mallory 2018  02.jpg

But Historic 750 Formula is far more than just racing, the paddock is a hub of activity and engineering knowledge – where drivers are only too happy to share mechanical expertise. Many drivers turn up with family and children, prize giving is an opportunity to applaud and heckle, our annual BBQ is an event not to be missed. The paddock spirt and camaraderie is unrivalled. 

What’s stopping you? It’s time to Start Racing!

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