Which historic racing cars do we race?

Our series makes space for a rich variety of historic racing cars, which delivers some classic racing moments. The series has 3 classes A, C & D - detailed below. Our regulations also permit "other historic cars of similar performance and under 1500cc" to join us, at the series coordinators discretion. All cars must be constructed using technology and materials which were readily available pre-1974 in club motorsport. 

Austin 7's (Class A) 

Powered by normally aspirated Austin 7 engines, supercharged, twin-spark and Reliant side-valve. Basically, if it’s an Austin 7 it can race! With and without independent suspension.

Other pre-1939 cars of similar performance under 1100cc are also eligible for this category.

Pre-1974 Historic 750 Formula cars (Class C)


Powered by Reliant race tuned 750 OHV, Reliant 750SV supercharged, Reliant 850 OHV and Coventry Climax.

Historic F3 500 (Class D)


Historic F3 500 cars are welcome to race with us. They must comply to 500 owners association club rules.

(Class C) Ford 1172 Specials

(Class C) 'Other Historic Sports and Racing cars under 1500cc

These must be of 'similar performance' and may include cars such as Historic Formula Vee 1300 or Ford Consul for example.

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Warren Race Retro - complete

The 1973 750 Formula championship winning Warren was rebuilt at Race Retro 2017. The car was carted in to the show in a series of boxes. It was rebuilt by father and son duo Ron and Kevin Welsh over the weekend and by Sunday it was complete (above).